Welcome to An Alternative In Relationship Counseling.

Welcome to An Alternative In Relationship Counseling.

Welcome to An Alternative In Relationship Counseling. Welcome to An Alternative In Relationship Counseling. Welcome to An Alternative In Relationship Counseling.

A Spiritual Alternative To Rekindle Your Love! Clairvoyant Consultation & Holistic Healing Principles That Work!

About Relationship Counseling


An Interfaith Spiritual Prospective


If you are feeling stuck, or repeating patterns and going nowhere, unsure how to achieve your goals, or simply seeking guidance how to communicate better, you’re in the right place. I understand if you are skeptical about the power of energy work, prayer or spell work, but in only a few sessions you will REALIZE the difference. You will learn how to use old and forgotten truths to make huge positive changes in your life and your relationship. Get past the arguments and crying, and start the life you want with your partner... and your entire family.   If you are experiencing repeat behaviors and arguments are plaguing your daily lives - then there is more "out of whack" then your communication skills. Negative energy and other environmental elements play a huge role in situations. Rev Pam will help you change that.


Communication, Intimacy and Love

Tactics are often soul searching and deeply rooted in ancient spiritual practices. Rev Pam combines clairvoyance, spiritual guidance, and interfaith holistic principles to identify the real issues and the truth. Then she’ll teach you the tools to forgive, move on and build a more intimate bond between you. Many couples have seen a difference after the first session. 

Rev Pam has her degree in Child Development and Family Relations, and was educated as a therapeutic foster care professional for PATH. She is a licensed Interfaith Wedding Officiant, Pagan Minister and Spiritual counselor who performs hundreds of weddings every year. She is a daughter of Avalon and a hereditary intuitive spiritualist. Her sessions will help heal body, mind and spirit and bring you to a higher way of thinking. You will learn to communicate on a different level, regardless if your spouse seeks help. Your new outlook on life and your love will help you find the love that brought you together in the first place. We concentrate your energy and your own personal magick to achieve the goals you want most in your relationship. Desperate couples and lost partners find answers and a way to stop the pain. Sessions are $90 when you commit the four session pack. 


Positive Change, Positive Attraction, Positive Love, Positive Life!

YOU CAN HEAL YOUR RELATIONSHIP Through the guidance of Rev Pam you will learn to implement daily meditation and spiritual rituals that will change the way you think and feel, THUS  changing the energies around  both of you. This shift will allow the peace and love to enter back into your life and help you heal the past situations that caused this in the first place. Unconventional, maybe - does this work? YES! But it won't stop there! Incorporating these simple principles into your daily practice will change your entire life, bring you more luck and prosperity, more money, better job, better relationship with your family and friends. Increasing your own intuition and a higher level of trust and self confidence. By learning the law of three and using the laws of attraction all relationships will improve and you will find your own personal power. 

Open Your Powers Within

Meditaation and Candle Work

Regain your Newlywed Intimacy

Meditaation and Candle Work


Learn how to create positive change through the use of energy work and candles. With Rev Pam's simple instruction and guidance, this holistic approach to prayer will change your situation and create healing in your life, and peace in your soul.  

Cleansing and Smudging

Regain your Newlywed Intimacy

Meditaation and Candle Work


Learn how to cleanse yourself, Your Family, and your living space. Turn negative energies around. Stop reacting to environmental energy shifts that make you angry and upset for no reason. It's not your job to make your partner happy - it's your job to stay in balance and be responsible for your actions.

Regain your Newlywed Intimacy

Regain your Newlywed Intimacy

Regain your Newlywed Intimacy


Forgiveness and self confidence creates the lifelong ability to love, and Rev Pam can show you how.  Many of my couples decide to renew their vows and start over. Done in a private ritual setting creates a stronger spiritual commitment and binding between the couple. 

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Private Skype or Phone Intake Appointment is $75 dollars and can be set up with one or both partners. One hour sessions are scheduled weekly with a 4-week commitment to meet in person at Pine Manor and are $90 per session / $360 for all four sessions. Please allow time, a  session can be up to two hours. I do not take insurance of any kind.

Interfaith Wedding Minister and Spiritual Counselor

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Hours 8-8pm Daily CST

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